Today's Oil and Gas Industry has become a much more complicated operation as Engineers continue to drill deeper wells in harsher environments, encountering higher well bore pressures and temperatures in addition to sweet and sour gas. To meet these ever increasing industry demands, JFE a very dependable Mill and Premium Connection owner has developed its JFE series OCTG which has higher collapse resistance, yield strength, toughness and corrosion resistance, than standard API OCTG material. JFE produces high CRA material such as 13Cr, 15Cr, 17Cr which has been proven to be of high quality and reliable solution for sour wells. Beside the above, Tridaya is also experience and capable to supply 22% CRA, 25% CRA and 28% CRA from various Mills.

JFE Premium connections:

  • JFE Fox™

  • JFE Bear™

  • JFE Tiger™

  • JFE Lion™