Conductor with Driveable Connectors

Size 20 inch – 36 inch.


Grades: K55, X40, X52, X56, X65 and X70.

Casings, Tubings and Accessories

All API Casings & Tubings from 2-3/8” – 20”.

All API Grades and Wall Thickness.

API Ranges 2 and 3.

Drill Pipes

Tridaya supplies Drill Pipes from API licensed manufacturers around the world, sizes ranging from 2-3/8” to 6-5/8” complete with Hardbanding, Internal Plastic Coating, Thread Protectors, Econowrap, etc.

Drill Collars

Drill collars are manufactured from AISI-4145H modified steel to meet API-Spec 7 latest edition in API Range 2 (normally 30- 31 feet per joint). We can provide both Spiral and Slick type Drill Collars, with or without Zip Grooves, and threads can either be Copper Plated, Manganesse or Zinc Phosphated.

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe (HWDP)

Our HWDP ranging from nominal size 2-7/8′′ up to 6-5/8′′ with various connections types as per requirement, length is API Range 2 (30 -31 feet). We can supply the Spiral types or standard type HWDP and complete with Hardbanding and Internal Coating as needed.

Macaroni Pipes

To help solving the workover problems, we also supply small tubing/macaroni pipes ranging from 1.050′′ up to 2.063′′ with various grades from J55 to P110. The macaroni pipe has integral strong connection and manufactured to API Range-2 length.

API Standard Connection Casings & Tubings

We have our own Threading Facility “PT. Appipa Indonesia” in Batam and years of experiences in supplying API Standard Connections Casings and Tubings such as: BTC, LTC, STC, EUE and NUE for Low and High grades materials, as well as Semi Premium and Premium Connections Casings and Tubings.

Semi Premium Connection Casings & Tubings

In corporation with Metal One, a subsidiary company of Mitsubishi – Japan, we can supply Semi Premium or API modified Connections such as: Geoconn, Supermax, IntegMax, Flushmax, MO-SBC, MO-CSG.

Premium Connection Casings & Tubings

In corporation with PT. Appipa Indonesia who is licensed by JFE to thread premium connections, Tridaya can supply casings and tubings with Premium Gas Tight, Metal to Metal Seal connection such as JFE-FOX, JFE-BEAR, JFE-TIGER and JFE-LION.